About Me

I specialize in helping clients discover the clarity, confidence, and capability needed to create the life and outcomes they desire. This is a collaborative effort and we will accomplish it together after clearly identifying your most valuable goals and objectives — should we decide to work together.

How I help you accomplish these steps will be unique to you and your needs. Some days I coach clients to life-changing insights. On other days I may provide training or consulting services. But the focus is always based on each client’s specific needs — with the end goal clearly in mind.

My practice revolves around the core disciplines of emotional agility and talent optimization, both of which are foundational drivers of personal and professional success. Creating clear intentions and enhancing your personal resourcefulness will always be at the forefront of our work together.

You already noticed that there aren’t any buy-buttons on my website. The best way to see if there’s a good fit between us is to have a conversation. Regardless of what we decide, I promise it will be of value to you. Let’s talk — my contact information is below.